We need to be able to live stream from our events now more than ever. There has been strange things happening to some right wing
parties here in Finland at public places. They might start to blame us for being hooligans or the ones who sets cars on fire or creates chaos.
We have our YouTube-channel that we can use for streaming but we have less than 1K subscribers. We need to have more
than that to be able to live stream as mobile. So our request is quite simple: Please subscribe to our channel and help us achieve 1K
so we can show everybody what happens in our protests as live stream. And that gives us possibility to keep evidence if needed.
Thank you! Together as united we can make this show to stop.

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We are completely politically and ideologically idependent very much normal moms and dads. Plumbers, it-nerds, chefs, CEOs, captains,
doctors, teachers, policemen, firemen, unemployed, pensioners, students and so on. Pretty much common finnish citizens who shares long lasting pain in the society (misery, enslavement, mayhem, insecurity, mass migration to our country, very bad situation of the poorest people etc.) We also share the strong urge to forget all of those old isms and views we had (which has been dividing us people for decades) and to go protest for the common goal together as united people.

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The RIC, “Referendum Initiated by the Citizen” or , originally referred in French as “Référendum d’initiative citoyenne”. Can be also called as Citizens Initiative Referendum (CIR). However, despite its name, RIC means here in Finland direct democracy.

At this point, RIC is a theoretical proposition that has been brought to the movement by French Roman Light. Because the RIC needs to be fine tuned to suit the laws and people of each country, it requires more work.

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The truth about French Yellow Vests